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Morgan James Radio is brought to you by Morgan James Publishing. Morgan James Radio will help authors find the right path with content that will educate, encourage, inspire, and entertain. Morgan James Radio is hosted by the founder of Morgan James Publishing David Hancock, along with Jody Maberry. "Morgan James makes an extraordinary effort to help its authors to grow their own business." - Publisher's Weekly
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Jul 28, 2020

LinkedIn can be a way for authors to connect with new people, share content, and find a new audience. But many of us don't know where to start. 

Lori Ruff and Joe Frankie, authors of LinkedIn: The Five Minute Drill for Executive Networking Success, join Morgan James Radio to share how you can connect on LinkedIn with only 5 minutes every day. 

Jun 30, 2020

Ryan Gottfredson is a mental success coach and mindset pioneer. 

With his book, Success Mindset, Ryan hit on a topic so many people need to hear and the book become a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller. 

If you are a leader or a natural achiever, having the right mindset will help you accomplish more and go farther in your personal, work, and leadership development. 

May 26, 2020

A sales funnel for your book can not only be profitable for an author, but it can also allow you to build relationships with readers. 

Brian Stachurski joins Morgan James Radio to discuss what a book funnel is, what steps and content are involved, and how you can use a funnel to sell more books. 

David Hancock also gives a candid view from a publisher's point of view on why he believes book funnels are good, even if the publisher does not make as much money. 

Apr 28, 2020

David Hancock is joined by Jim Howard and Bethany Marshall for this special episode of Morgan James Radio. 

During a disruptive time, when the path for an author may not seem clear, this episode will provide you with encouragement, ideas, and hope.  

Whether are trying to sell books or still writing your book, you will find encouragement from the management team of Morgan James Publishing. 

Mar 31, 2020

Lee Cockerell is the retired Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World. Consider what it takes to run the 4 world-famous theme parks plus all of the hotels, water parks, and other attractions. 

Does it take magic to manage so much responsibility? Yes, it takes Time Management Magic. 

Lee joins Morgan James Radio to talk about his book, Time Management Magic, and how authors can manage and control their time to help them create more content. 

Feb 11, 2020

Brittany Bexton left her home in California to pursue her dream of music in Nashville. 

After a series of personal traumas, Brittany wrote a song about her experience. Eventually, the message of the song was used for a book. 

Brittany explains it is your experience and process, not necessarily a happy ending, that allows you to create a message to help other people. 

Jan 28, 2020

Known as the author alchemist, Lisbeth Tanz turns writers into authors.

When you have something say, Lisbeth helps you say it well and turn your idea into a book.

An author considers the reader and considers what the reader wants to get out of the book. A writer considers what they want to put in the book.

Often, a speaker or public figure who has a message needs help to turn it into a book.

Lisbeth gives us ideas on how to work with an editor or book architect to get on the right path.  

Dec 17, 2019

In this episode of Morgan James Radio, David Hancock answers questions about preparing for a book launch. 

After a 26 year career with Disney, Dan Cockerell has written a book. How's the Weather in Your Kingdom is scheduled to publish in August of 2020. With many months remaining to plan a book launch, Dan wants to prepare for a successful launch.

David Hancock answers questions about promotion, pre-sales, foreign rights, and even free plus shipping campaigns.   

Nov 12, 2019

Tyler Wagner gives us an insider's look at getting your book on a bestseller list. 

Authors can use a spot on a Bestseller list as leverage for speaking engagements, interview and a wide range of new opportunities for publicity. Morgan James Publishing authors Steve Anderson and Karen Anderson worked with Tyler and their book, The Bezos Letters, made it onto both the USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller lists. 

Even if you aren't reaching for a bestseller list, Tyler Wagner will give you fresh ideas into how to market your book. 

Oct 15, 2019

Steve Anderson's The Bezos Letters is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling book, but it wasn't the book he set out to write. 

While working on a book about risk and growth, Steve discovered the unique idea of how Amazon was able to grow into one of the world's most successful companies. He shifted directions and partnered with his wife, Karen Anderson, to move from a self-described 'boring' book to a best seller. 

Any author can learn from Steve and Karen how to uncover a big idea and shift directions to create a better book. 

Jun 18, 2019

Systems can seem so complex, it scares many of us away. Dr. William Donaldson takes systems and makes them simple so we can all apply them to our business. 

William Donaldson has a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering, but he lays out systems and management in an approachable way. 

When it comes to writing a book about a complex subject, William manages to write like you are talking to an old friend. 

Listen in to this episode of Morgan James Radio as William Donaldson helps authors understand how to turn a complex message into a simple vision.

May 28, 2019

In a world that keeps moving faster, how do you keep up and make an impact?

Judge Graham joins Morgan James Radio to discuss his new book, Scale with Speed. 

Seeing so many business books giving theory only, Judge wanted to offer a book that gives ready steps they can take action on immediately. 

Judge will inspire you to decide with speed and take action. 

Apr 23, 2019

In a world that just keeps getting busier, how can an author stand out?

Zack Miller joins Morgan James Radio to explain how you can be seen and make

An amazing business plan and solid processes won't help if you aren't noticed. 

Listen in as Zack explains some of the tactics he has used to stand out, get noticed, and use your book to build a business. 

Mar 26, 2019
Many authors get frustrated by the low financial return of a book. As an entrepreneurial author, it is not about the book it is about what the book can do for you. 
Dan Miller, the author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, joins Morgan James Radio to discuss how authors can build multiple streams of income. So many authors think they are finished when they get their manuscript completed. But this is just the beginning. Dan explains how you can leverage your book to reach more people, teach more people, make a bigger impact, and make more money. 
Jan 22, 2019

A podcast can be the perfect way for an author to connect to an audience and build a tribe of followers and fans. 

In this episode of Morgan James Radio, David Hancock and Jody Maberry discuss how an author can use a podcast. Listen in as these two podcast veterans discuss insider tips on how to create an impact with a podcast. 

Is a podcast the next right step for you as an author? Find out on this episode. 

Dec 11, 2018
Some topics are not easy to discuss. Not only does our guest join us to talk about a tough topic, but he also wrote an entire book about it. Kurt Michael Brundage, the author of After 3 PM, joins us to talk about why teachers have unlawful relationships with students. 
In this candid interview, Kurt shares his experience and his efforts to shed light on inappropriate behavior in schools and how you can protect your family. Kurt also discusses how authors can use books to be part of solutions to issues they care about. 
Nov 13, 2018
Forbes Riley joins Morgan James Radio to talk about her new book, Verdition, and to explain how authors can launch their platform by being prepared for their virtual audition. With so many avenues to put ourselves out in front of people through Facebook Live, YouTube, Podcasts and more, we need to understand how we are constantly auditioning.
Authors no longer have to wait for someone to give them permission to audition. Now, we can choose our own virtual auditions and create our own brand. Forbes gives us insight into how to approach virtual auditions and what to consider while building a brand around our book. 
Oct 16, 2018
Brian Feinblum, Cheif Marketing Officer of Media Connect in New York City, joins us on Morgan James Radio to discuss how authors can use publicity to sell books and spread your message. 
Brian will help you understand why you should use media, how you should use media, and discover what types of media are right for you. Brian will also uncover what you need to know to create a short message you can use when talking about your book to the media. 
Sep 25, 2018

Jim Howard, publisher at Morgan James Publishing, joins David Hancock, founder of Morgan James Publishing to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of Morgan James. 

Together, they tell the story of the company and what has taken place, what has led to the success of the company, and changes in book publishing during that time. 

You will enjoy this inside look at how Morgan James works and how they help authors find the right path. Find out what Morgan James does to help authors make their book a part of something bigger. 

Aug 28, 2018

Authors devote so much into writing their book, but don't always take the next powerful step. Audiobooks are a way for authors to connect to an audience in a way you can't through text and pages in a book. David Wolf joins us to explain the power of audiobooks and why every author should consider narrating their own book. 

Jul 24, 2018
We all start with a blank canvas and writing a book can seem overwhelming. In this episode of Morgan James Radio, author Dan Janal joins us to discuss his new book, Write Your Book in a Flash. In the book, and in this episode,  Dan explains how his system shows us the exact steps we need to fill in the blanks and write the book of our dreams. Using a clear system allows you to create your book without getting stuck. 
Dan also talks about testimonials, working with beta readers and other ways to give your book a head start. 
Jun 12, 2018

Today's episode is all about publishing fiction. 

In this episode, we talk with Lara Helmling, our Chicago, IL Fiction Acquisitions Editor. 

Fiction Author's don't often tap into the tremendous potential of opportunities available in the online world. 

Lara discusses how fiction writers can adopt the Entrepreneurial Author model to get their story out to more people, sell more books, and support their cause. 

May 15, 2018

Your well-intended comments could be building a wider diversity gap and you may not realize it. As author's, we need to be effective communicators and be aware of widening the diversity gap. 

Dr. Maura Cullen joins Morgan James Radio to discuss her book 35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say.

Dr. Cullen is one of the most respected diversity trainers. Her insight and experience will help you connect with people and be more aware during conversations. Dr. Cullen reminds us that the impact of our words is more important that the intent of our words. 

Apr 17, 2018
Live Boldly and Accomplish Anything
Will Matthews joins us on Morgan James Radio to discuss the five self-coaching keys that can help you live boldly and accomplish anything. Too often, we allow external factors impact what we believe about ourselves. Will reminds us that success is an inside-out endeavor. No matter what is happening on the outside, Will's book, You've Got This, will help you understand what you can accomplish. 
Mar 27, 2018

Faced with disappointment in his career, Vincent Pugliese walked away from his dream job. 

In this interview, Vincent shares openly and honestly about the struggle that led him away from his career and towards financial, time, and life freedom. 

Listen in as Vincent discusses how he tapped into his skill to find freedom through freelancing. 

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